Breakfast Pancakes

There is no doubt that my favorite meal of the day is breakfast. And every once in a while I prepare some quick pancakes that I eat with jam, hone, syrup, nutella… actually, they are good with anything LOL

Quick Breakfast Pancakes

To make the easy and quick pancakes that I prepare, you will need the following ingredients:

1 egg

4 tbsp of sugar

½ glass of milk

1glass of flour

2 teaspoons of dry yeast/baking powder

Just mix all the ingredients and cook. If you cook them in a pan, you might want to put a little bit of butter so they don’t stick to the surface. This time I did them in an electric grill, so I didn’t put anything.

How do you know when the pancakes are done? It is very easy, as you will see that a lot of bubbles appear on the visible side, and that’s the moment you should turn them around.

As a note, I usually mix double the ingredients. There is never too many pancakes! haha


Breakfast pancakes



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