How to Stay Motivated #1

There are people that seem to be always motivated to do whatever needs to be done to reach their goals. I like to think of me as a person that works hard to get what I want in life. I always wanted to come to live to the United States, and so I did.

It came a day when I decided that I was not going to wait anymore and I started looking for ways to get a visa and come. Even if I found out that it was going to be more difficult than I anticipated, I continued and kept looking.

I spent several months searching on websites, contacting agencies to get information and applying for jobs, although results were not what I expected. One day, though, I got an email that made me jump off my seat and gave me the hope that I needed.

I can, and I will

If I had stopped when I found out that it was going to be difficult to get a company to hire me, I would still be stuck in a crappy job, getting a crappy salary and I wouldn’t have met my husband! Who would have thought?

Great things never came from comfort zones

I don’t want this to seem like I’m always motivated. Way far from that. I work for what I want in life, but there are many things that can be improved. I wanted to start studying a couple of languages a few months ago, and I haven’t. I wanted to work out regularly, but I’m far from doing that. And the same happens with a few other things.

I never lose. Either I win or I learn

I am starting a new series of posts that might help you (and me) to stay motivated whenever we set a goal, whichever it is.

Stick around!

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