How to Stay Motivated #2

If you missed it, How To Stay Motivated #1

In this second post about how to stay motivated I’m going to talk to you about a couple of things that I have been doing the last few years to stay motivated in different areas of my life.

  • If you have a diary, agenda or notebook that you use in a daily basis, print out some motivation phrases or pictures to remind you of your goals. You can also just write the phrases with colorful letters if you don’t have a printer or you don’t want to use one.


  • Last year I purchased a few dry-erase markers so that I could put some phrases in the bathroom mirror. You can use them to set a list of weekly goals, to draw a smilie, set some reminders or as motivation. Now I just wished I had thought of that before!

Color Markers

  • Use your desktop wallpaper of the laptop or your smartphone as a motivational blackboard. You will have access to all the power of a phrase or an image anytime you need it.
  • I also keep a folder in my laptop with a bunch of motivational phrases that I have been finding over the net. It is a good source of printables whenever I feel I need some extra strength!

Mirror I’ll leave you a few printables below so you can add them to your motivation collection. Feel free to save them and pin them! *Please have mercy; they are my first “creations”. I’m sure I’ll improve over time… LOL* Click on the image to save them Have a good week! 🙂 Big dreams Not how my story ends Winners never quit River persistence Not easy, worth it


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