All About my London Adventure

In January 2013 I went to London and spent there 3 days with my parents and my cousin. It was my first time in that city and a great trip. In this post, I’ll show you some of the things that I liked most and some random pictures that I loved!

All About my London Adventure

Hyde Park walk London Hyde Park London with squirrel Hyde Park London Peter Pan Statue London Eye from Hyde Park London

A couple of months before that trip I had decided that I needed to get out of Madrid and the routine that I had established there, so I started to check flights to cities that I wanted to go to and chose one where flights were not going to be that expensive. I talked to my mom and she wanted to come too. And, later, my father and my cousin were also added to the trip.

Lego side Hamley's toy store London M&M shop London Red Bus

I made a (super long) list of things that I wanted to see in London during that trip, although I obviously had to make several changes. Anyway, we saw many things for the time that we were visiting.

London Tower Bridge Thamesis London Tower View Sunset London Tower Me at London Parliament Me Victoria Palace London Picadilly Circus London at night Chinatown London night Buckingham Palace London Changing Guard Me Buckingham Palace London

We ended up really tired, but we all thought that it was worth it.

London Eye at night London Harrods King's Cross Station Lovers London Street London Harrods

I definitely want to go back and enjoy the city in a warmer weather. We went in middle January and it was freezing there! I had to stop in Marks and Spencer to buy some thick woolen tights to put under the jeans that I was wearing, as I could barely feel my legs!

Me London King's Cross Station Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 Me with a cute guy at the Believe it or Not museum


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