Easy DIY gift ideas

Hello everyone!

This year, as much as I’m excited about Christmas, we are a little broke (ahem), so I’m afraid gifts are not a priority in my house. However, I do like to give presents (and, of course, to receive them!). That’s why I’ve been looking around for some DIY that can be easily made and do the trick.

There are so many things that we can make with our hands and can be a perfect gift for a fraction of what it would cost to buy from a shop! And you add that special touch that every handmade gift has.

I decided to compile a few inexpensive ideas that we could use to make the perfect gift this season.

Click on link under every picture to go directly to the original post of the DIY and learn how to make them. Links will open a new tab.

Scrabble letters

Scrabble tiles

It’s perfect for couples that just moved in together or newlyweds. You can also make the whole name and give it to kids! It’s so cute that I’m thinking of doing this to put on top of my bed!

Hand warmers

Pocket hand warmers

Having my hands cold ALL THE TIME, I feel the struggle. I think this is a great idea to warm hands quickly! Check this project too for a bigger bag to use for belly/back/neck pains.


$5 Chalkboard

I’ve been seeing EVERYWHERE so many things turned into chalkboard it’s amazing. Cabinet doors, walls, cups… This is a great idea to give with a nice quote!

Homemade Handsoaps

Homemade hand soaps

I’ve been wanting to this for so long! I think it’s a great gift idea, as you can personalize with shapes and scents. You can even add some sparkles! Find another “recipe” for handmade hand soaps here.

Lemon sugar scrub

Lemon sugar scrub

I love that it’s so quick and inexpensive to make! And it’s all natural ingredients! Divide them into small cute packages (as in here) to give away in your group of friends or at work.

Ipad Case

Ipad case

What I like the most about these cases is that they are so easy and quick to make, and you can make them for everything! It can be for a notebook and some pencils for kids, for the iPad, to carry documents… anything! Find other patterns and materials here and here.

Crayon Holder

Crayon holder

I feel this is a great idea for kids. They won’t be impatient anymore in waiting rooms or restaurants and it’s a way to keep them “busy” whenever they are bored!

Painted wood earrings

Painted wood earrings

You can personalize these in so many different ways!

Homemade hot cocoa kits

Hot cocoa kits

Any sweet tooth in the room? Perfect for kids… and no kids LOL

Christmas decorated mug

Decorated mugs

Not sure if I like the idea of the Christmas decorations (using a Christmas mug in March or August seems to be a little out of place/time?), but I love the idea of giving personalized gifts. To the best mom/dad/grandma/friend or with a pretty quote, I think it’s a good way for people to think of you when they’re having a coffee! Another mug decoration idea is this one with chalkboard paint.



The best thing? You (and they) can personalize and update this present with different quotes, pictures or pretty much anything.

Homemade strawberry jam

Homemade strawberry jam

I have thought several times of doing jam just to avoid all the “extra ingredients” that the common jam that we can find in the grocery store has. Why not give it as a gift to someone you care about?

Mason jar cozies

Mason jar cozies

They can be used every season, for both cold and hot drinks, and they are very useful so you know which glass is yours at a party! On the same line, you can find this pattern too.

Grandma board

Grandma board

Grandma blocks

Grandma blocks

Personalize these last two DIY projects for other family members or friends to give away as a gift and they’ll love it!

Creative crate

Creative crate

Talk about an easy peasy and inexpensive gift!

Instagram coasters

Instagram coaster in wooden box

With or without the box, I think this is a great inexpensive gift. Easy to make, useful (I always try the presents to be useful) and there are so many ways to personalize it! You can also use tiles instead of wood.

Cookie jar

Cookie jar

If you are a good baker, why not fill some small jars with cookies? You can add a special touch by decorating the jars with tags/decorations. They make a sweet gift!

Stamped friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets

What a great idea for kids to share with their friends!

Domino game

Handmade domino

Great game for both adults and kids!

Men's apron

Men’s apron

I find it so hard to come up with a gift for men! Women are so much easier to give presents to. This apron is a great idea for men that step into the kitchen.

Wedding song gift

Wedding song gift

I love how romantic this gift is!

Tin can candle holder

Tin can candle holders (picture not taken from this blog)

How cute is this? Recycling some tin cans and making different designs you can give personalized candle holders. Find out how to make your own candles here.


What are you planning to give this holiday season as presents? Handmade, bought or mix? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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