5 Things I Love About Chicago

It’s been a while since I shared any of my travels on here so I thought today would be a good day. I haven’t traveled in a while and I can feel the urge of planning a trip or going somewhere for the weekend. But that is going to have to wait a little longer.

So, even if it’s not the same, I try to get rid of that wanderlust for a moment by thinking of past trips. Or cities that I’ve been to and that I loved. Like Chicago.

20 Things I Love About Chicago.jpg

The first time that I went to the Windy City was in August 2014. Since my plan was to stay in the US for just a year, I knew for sure that I had to visit Chicago. And it had to be during the warmer months, as I don’t deal very well with cold weather.

Me holding a HUGE Hershey's bar

I went with a couple of friends for a long weekend and we were going to places nonstop. We stayed in a hotel near the airport, which isn’t the most comfortable thing when you visit a city, but the hotel was great (good price too) and Chicago is a well connected city by metro and buses.

I also went on May 2015 (a crazy super short trip) and I enjoyed every minute in the city.

The things that I love the most about Chicago are:

  • It’s a very easy city to walk around. When I go to a new city I love to walk to places if I can. It is more interesting and you can discover buildings, shops and special spots that you would have missed otherwise. I also have a better idea of where everything is situated if I walk around and see the “surface” than going by metro. Chicago offers that, with nice sidewalks. And you actually see people walking in the streets! (I’ll do another post about things that surprised me when I first got to the US). If it wasn’t that cold in winter I would consider moving there.

N Wabash Ave. Pizzeria Uno

  • Disney Store. I don’t know how much time I spent in there, but I’m pretty sure that it seemed a lot to my husband. It is huge! And I’m like a kid lol

Disney Store in Chicago

  • The 360º view from the Hancock Building. You can stay up there as long as you want, and we went around sunset. A-MA-ZING. And I always like to try and see where everything is. “Look, our hotel!”, “There’s the Hershey’s store!”. Again, like a kid haha *picture is not good quality because my camera was pretty crappy at the time… I promise to update the pictures whenever I go back*

View from Hancock Building

  • The lake shore is a great place to walk, run, bike or just sit. It’s not as good as the beach shore, but it could perfectly be the second best option. The cycling path is 10-15 miles long.

Lake Michigan Shore

  • While walking around in downtown Chicago I loved to look up and be surrounded of skyscrapers. They make me feel pretty small, but I like how they don’t seem to have an end.

Skyscrappers in Chicago

Have you been to the Windy City? What did you like about it? What didn’t you like?


2 thoughts on “5 Things I Love About Chicago

    • The thing that I love the most is that it the closest that I have seen here to a European city. And that’s to say a lot. I love the city lifestyle there. I hope you can come visit soon! 🙂


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