The Week in Pictures I (18-24 Jan)

The Week in Pictures I

Hello, everyone! This has been a pretty busy week! My phone screen is still not working 100% (I hope I can get it fixed sometime this week) and we’ve been having some problems with the heater at home (I didn’t know that a heating system could get frozen when inside the house?).

Also, I started the week pretty tired, but nothing that a good nap + going to sleep super early doesn’t fix, right? 🙂

So I’ve decided to start doing a new series on the blog: The Week in Pictures. Why? I think it’s a great way for me to look for and focus on the good things that happen in life. And why not share all the good stuff? I will also share random things and funny stuff.

This is the first week, and I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have, but let’s get to it! Also, I’m sorry that some of the pictures aren’t the best quality. Apparently my hands are super shaky and I’m not able to take pictures without them being blurry!

Spanish Tortilla Patatas

On Sunday I made some Spanish Tortillas (or Tortilla de Patatas, as we call it in Spain). The recipe is pretty simple and I’ll share it in a few days. I cooked extra so my husband could take to work on Monday and we had for the next day too. It’s a plate that holds pretty good for a couple of days.

Grumpy before coffee mug

This is a mug that I saw in the Hallmark shop and I sent a picture to my mom. She’s not grumpy before coffee, but don’t try to have a conversation with here before she’s had the first cup in the morning!

homemade pizza

On Thursday my sister in law came for dinner and we made some homemade pizza!! I love it. You can have it done in about 45 minutes, and yes, I’ll post the recipe soon! This time, though, the dough didn’t come out that well and it took a little longer to make. It was still very good and we had a good time 🙂

Potato chips' bag 2/3 empty

We were on freezing and snow alert on Friday, so my husband picked me up from work, we went to buy some groceries and eat the previous night’s pizza. We bought some potato chips to go with it and when I opened one of the bags I found out that not more than a third of the bag had actually potato chips. How ridiculous is that? If you’re going to put that small amount of chips, at least save some plastic and make the bag smaller!

First snowfall of the winter

And it snowed! Ok, just a little bit. But it was still fun and exciting to see some snowflakes falling down and the cars with a thin layer of snow. Not enough to be able to play with it or anything, but still pretty!

Tiramisu aka heaven

On Sunday we went to have lunch with my in laws and celebrate my father in law’s birthday. We chose Maggiano’s for the celebration, one of my favorite restaurants over here. Lots of good food at a good price. For desert, my husband and I chose tiramisu, aka heaven. Definitely Maggiano’s knows how to rock a good tiramisu!


How was your week? Did you have any special plans or something that stood out from your routine? Let me know in the comments!


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