My Week in Pictures II

My Week in Pictures

Happy Monday everyone!

We start another week, with new goals, new opportunities and (hopefully) renovated energies. For some reason last week was really busy and I only had the chance to unplug on Sunday morning. I’m still working on my time management skills and getting everything done on time so I don’t struggle last minute lol

Anyways, keep scrolling down to check out what I’ve been up to! 🙂

Running data

My husband leaves to work around 7 in the morning. I usually sleep one hour more before I get up and start doing my things, but one of these days I just decided to get up when he left and go run. This might be something normal for many people, but not for me. First, I ALWAYS have breakfast before doing anything else. Second, I hadn’t gone running in months. And knowing that I’m not a morning person, this might surprise more than one person. I am really happy that I did it, though. I had very good feelings about it and I do see why people run before going to work.

Highway View

This is the view from the break room of my husband’s office. I went to visit and see the building and I have to say is #goals for sure!

Parking Sign Chilli's

Am I the only one that loves this kind of signs? Seriously, though, I also took a picture of the sign at Chipotle’s parking. I think they make the message pretty clear in a funny way, don’t they? 🙂

Working at Starbucks

This week I’ve been putting a lot of time into the blog and a new project. One of the days I spent 6 hours (yes, 6…) in Starbucks exclusively working on my Pinterest page, some emails, scheduling social media… No matter how much time I put into all this it always seems that the list of things to do keeps growing and I’ll never be done with it. Still, though, I like it. I am learning so many new things that I wouldn’t know about if I wasn’t blogging, so I’m thankful for that.


As I was babysitting the other day I looked out the window and realized that a couple of ducks were in the back yard. Unfortunately, when we went out the dog scared them and they flew to the other side of the fence. They were still very close, though, and we could take a good look at them. I just need to remember to take some bread with us next time so we can feed them!

Instagram pics

To end this post, I wanted to put some inspiration that I found on Instagram. 1. I love the sticky notes idea for this upcoming Valentine’s day. It’s something easy, totally inexpensive and you can write so many different things to personalize it! 2. The heart shaped paper decorations are ideal also to decorate for Valentine’s day, but I like that you can make pretty much any shape following the same idea. And you can just hang them in a wall or from the ceiling, as they’re not heavy at all. Make them colorful! 3. I’ve been seeing a lot of pictures of girls with their hair dyed in different colors and I wish I had the guts to do that. Some of them are so pretty! Maybe one day… LOL


So that was my week in pictures! What have you guys been up to?

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3 thoughts on “My Week in Pictures II

  1. Great post! I really loved it, it’s really inspiring =) And yes, it was a big surprise knowing that you went to run that early 😉 Segi horrela sis!


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