12 Hairstyles to try

I have a weird relationship with my hair. I like it long so I can style it different ways (braids and other updos/half updos), but it usually bothers me and I’m on the run, so I end up with a ponytail or a messy bun. So I get bored and I get it cut.

Last time that I felt like that, it was December 2013, and I cut about 11 inches. I was actually really happy with the result. And I cut it again (same style) the following April.

short hair vs long hair

I haven’t cut it ever since because I wanted it long. And now I’m just tying it in easy and fast ponytails and messy buns lol The “I want what I don’t have” story.

I have decided that I have to dedicate a little more time to my long hair and try new hairstyles. I have a board on Pinterest (Hairstyles to Try) and today I bring you a few of those pictures for inspiration (click on the picture to go directly to the pin). Let’s make it a goal to try a couple of these before February ends, shall we?













Aren’t they super cute? Most of these are so easy to make that I am sure I can pull them off any day, even if I’m on a run. I just need to take a couple extra minutes but they will definitely worth it.

Should we start a challenge on Instagram to really be committed to it? Haha Let me know in the comments what are your favorite hairstyles and how you deal with the lack of time/motivation to style your hair!


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